Drome Sound Music Repair Services

Drome Sound offers repair services on: Stringed Repairs, Woodwind/Brass and Electronics. Our technicians are some of the finest in the capital region providing high quality, conscientious, guaranteed service from standard basic maintenance to complete modifications.

Woodwind/Brass and Electronics: Please call for an estimate – rates below are guitars only

Stringed Repairs (Guitars): See below

*In addition to the list below, we also offer full on restoration services on all stringed instruments!  For pricing, drop by for a thorough evaluation and an estimate.

Instrument Repair Service Price
Standard Setup Cleaning, Restring,Truss Rod Adjustment, Intonation and tightening all hardware $29.95
Replace Tuners  $24.95 – $34.95
Replace Nut Precut 6 or 12 string $19.95
Custom cut Bone/Graphite 6 String – $34.95 | 12 String – $44.95
Replace Acoustic Saddle Precut or Custom Precut $24.95 | Custom $34.95 and up
Replace Electric Bridge Precut or Custom $39.95 and up
Replace Input Jack Electric | Acoustic | Semi-hollowbody Electric $19.95 | Acoustic $24.95 | Semi-hollowbody $24.95
Replace Pots $24.95 and up
Replace Switches $19.95 – $24.95
Rewire Electronics  $34.95 and up
Replace Pickups First $34.95
Each Additional $24.95
3 or 4 wire add $9.95
Install New Pickup Routing and wiring included By Quote
Install Acoustic Pickup By Quote
Fret Work Dress sharp frets, Leveling, Refret, Partial or Full By Quote
String and Parts Not Included in Prices

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