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Drome Sound offers repair services on: Stringed Repairs, Woodwind/Brass and Electronics. Our  technicians are some of the finest in the capital region providing high  quality, conscientious, guaranteed service from standard basic  maintenance to complete modifications. Woodwind/Brass and Electronics: Please call for an estimate – rates below are guitars only Stringed Repairs (Guitars): See below *In addition to the list below, we also offer full on restoration  services on all stringed instruments!  For pricing, drop by for a  thorough evaluation and an estimate.

Instrument Repair Services - Labor Only

Standard Setup   Cleaning, Restring, Truss Rod Adjustment, Intonation and tightening all hardware  $50.00

Non-Standard Setup (e.g. locking trem systems) $80.00

Replace Tuners $40.00 and up

Replace Nut $75.00

Replace Acoustic Saddle-  6-string $60.00 | 12-string $75.00

Replace Electric Bridge $50.00-$100.00

Minimum Bench Fee (electronics) $20.00

Replace Input Jack   $25.00 and up

Replace Pots  $40.00

Replace Switches $50.00

Total Rewire Electronics $125.00 and up

Replace Pickup $40.00 and up

Install New Pickup By Quote

Install Acoustic Pickup By Quote

Fret Work By Quote

String and Parts Not Included in Prices